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ELC: Kaliningrad English Language Center
   Dalya Gavinaitite
My name is Dalya.
I am an English teacher. I like English because itís specific and organized. Thatís why I teach English Grammar. I suppose, if you want to speak English correctly, first of all you have to learn how to make different kinds of English sentences. I teach my students to do this. They say that, I do it quite well. I collect English idioms and proverbs and it helps me to teach the course "Lexical practure". My interests are widespread in many fields. I collect pens and I like growing flowers. I am fond of yellow and blue colors. I am flexible, communicable, friendly and my friends say that I have a good sense of humor.
   Anthony Kirby
"Whereís that?" was my response when I was told Iím going to Kaliningrad. For a boy from the sunny southern shores of the state of Florida this sounded somewhat exhilarating. Shivering thoughts of snow-covered Siberian terrain saturated my mind but itís not true I am a conscientious college student considering a career in emergency medicine. The remainder of my time is relegated to recreational activities such as
racket ball, relentless basketball and a range of relaxing outdoor pursuits. Furthermore, I am fond of frequenting foreign countries and experiencing first hand the fascinating facets of other cultures. And by the way, here in Kaliningrad, I use treacherous tongue-twisting alliteration to teach pronunciation.
   Leanne Walker
Iíve been told that if you put a pin from Kaliningrad through the center of the world, it would come out in Australia. I havenít tried it, but if thatís true, I couldnít be further from home! I first became interested in Russia when I did a brief tour of Moscow on my
return from Hungary in 1991, where Iíd been a part of an evangelistic team. I went on to train as a secondary school teacher of mathematics and chemistry and worked for three years at Mountain View Adventist College in Sydney but never lost my appetite for travel or my interest in Russia. I guess you could say that I like adventure - I count can yoning and caving among my favorite activities. And I enjoy putting myself in places where I can gain new experiences. Thus, I spent several months working in England and travelling around Europe last year and am now compiling quite a list of experiences I could only have had in Russia.
   Timothy Paul James Canham

I come from South Africa. For those of you who donít know where this is, itís at the Southernmost part of Africa - the most beautiful country in all of Southern Africa. Iím a second year missionary in Kaliningrad, Russia. It is a beautiful city and I have enjoyed my stay here. Iím quite fond of meeting people and enjoy learning about different cultures and customs. Kaliningrad has been a great fulfillment in this area. It is rich with interesting customs and vibrant and friendly people.
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