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ELC: Kaliningrad English Language Center
   Educational Programs
The most unique aspect of the English Language Center is working in cooperation with native speakers and teaching conversational English. To improve their English level many people try to visit a many different countries. The courses at ELC will help you to economize, to a significant degree, your expenses by studying English in your city. The main direction of ELC's activity is teaching conversational English and developing cultural connections.
We offer 7 levels. The length of each level is 7 weeks. We teach 12 hours per week, during this time, students are able to use English with native English speakers of ELC and learn how to use phrases, and work with their pronunciation. The main result that they get out of our teaching is the skill to think ENGLISH.
Three hours from current 12 hours are basic lessons and eight hours include the following Extra English Classes: Vocabulary, Pronunciation, USA, Business Idioms, Common Mistakes, Grammar, Phrasal Verbs. The topics for Extra English Classes are changed from semester to semester. For example, our students were previously offered: Literature and Music, Poetry, American cooking which was the most popular class. One of our previous teacher offered original and simple cooking recipes, affordable for Russian cooking. We would like to draw your attention to our Bible classes. Bible is a part of American culture and an important topic that native speakers always discuss. Through previous studentsí impression it is very easy to study English using the Bible. You can attend any Extra-English classes.
Basic lessons are twice a week. The days are Monday, Wednesday and Tuesday, Thursday at 4.20 PM, 6.20 PM and 8.20 PM. Extra English Classes are from Monday to Thursday.

Your schedule will be as follows:

  • Monday, Wednesday 2.5 hours (1 lesson + Extra English)
  • Tuesday, Thursday 1 hour (Extra English)
  • Friday 2 hours (Extra English)
  • Sabbath 2 hours (Extra English)
A numerous amount of practice hours makes your studying interesting and educational.
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