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ELC: Kaliningrad English Language Center
   Student Testimonials
What people say:
   Nastya Golubihina
My name is Nastya Golubihina. I am 14 years old. I am a pupil of school No. 45. I liked English when I was little. I read small stories, listened to songs and tried to understand them. It was difficult, because I didn't have enough knowledge to understand English. I wanted to know both the English language and culture. When I was 13, I began to study at KELC. It's great, because I can talk to English speaking teachers. What can be better if you want to speak English well? I like the methods that the teachers use in this center. They give good results. I like to communicate with my teachers freely. I often try to think ENGLISH. I've memorized many words, phrases and grammar structures. I am going to continue my studies here, because there is no end to improving ones ability to speak another language.
   Tatiana Lanets

I learned about KELC from my friends, who attended these courses. They told me about great results from attending these classes. When I started studying here, I found out, it was true. It's not only effective, but it's also very fascinating there are young energetic teachers - English speaking people, and very interesting students. All classes are very different - there are discussions, dialogues and improvisations. After graduating from level 1 realized that I could understand the teacher quite well and I could progress. You need only the wish, the time, and your classes at KELC.
   Vitali Li

I've decided to study English because I often have to communicate with English speaking people. To communicate without interpreters is much more interesting. My friends advised me to go to KELC. I wasn't mistaken. Having studied here for 6 months has really improved my English. Teaching by English speaking people gives a richer ability for communication. I like English and I want to continue studying.
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