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ELC: Kaliningrad English Language Center
   News and Announcements
   The information about our center
You can get all kinds of information about the KELC at our office, which is located at 7, Donskogo Street, the 3-d floor, room 122-A. Our phone/fax number is 556854.

The office is from 10 am to 7 p.m. Monday - Thursday, on Fridays - from 10 am to 2 p.m.

Our classes are at School 40, which is located on 67, Komsomolskaya Street.

   Next term

Next term is starting on 10 May. Registration and interviews will be held on May2,3 and 4 at 2p.m-6p.m at 7, Donskogo Street, the 3-d floor, room 122-A.
You can pay for classes at our office.

   Courses for Seamen

It’s a vocabulary-grammar course for seamen.
It consists of 14 lessons.
The subjects of the lessons are: “Types of ships”, “Parts of the Ship”, “Commands”, and “Occupations”.

Grammar lessons are on the following themes “Tenses”, “Word order in the Sentence”, “The Verb To Be”, “Types of Questions”, and “The Imperative Mood”.
These classes are for beginners (who can read English and have a beginner’s vocabulary).

   The children's program

Free classes for children aged 4–7 are held every Friday for 45 minutes. The group for 4–5 year old children is at 6 p.m., 7 year old children is at 6:50 p.m. The classes are starting on January, 17.

Our program is based on the "Balloons" program, created by Mario Herrer and Barbara Hogel. These books are published by the famous European company Longman. They consist of: illustrated albums, workbooks and cards, developing your logic and memory and broadening your vocabulary. The teacher is Sunny Bunny, who makes free play during the classes. The children get pleasure from singing songs, drawing, playing games and doing puzzles.


We have parties once a term. The students with great pleasure 1 enjoy getting together to communicate with each other and the teachers of KELC. They play interesting games, see films, talk, and have tea. They have a lot of fun, speaking only English.

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